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We combine innovation and thoroughness for every deep foundation project

At CBF, we know that experience is the difference

Whatever the project, Forage CBF aims above all to satisfy their customers. This aim for satisfaction drives us to push the industry’s technological limits and to innovate through the creation of high-performance drilling solutions. CBF is very concientious about client satisfaction. We stongly think that success is possible if we have a good relation between out client and us.

We offer our services in different domains such as residential, institutionnel, commercial, industriel and civil engineering.Whether the work is related to structural engineering or to the residential, institutional, commercial or industrial sectors, Forage CBF’s innovative practices ensure its position at the forefront of the drilling industry. Thanks to our extensive experience in deep foundations, our highly qualified personnel and our innovative equipment, we are confident to offer you the best solutions available on the market.


From 1950 to now

Équipe Forage Camille Blais

Camille Blais & Fils Ltd is a family business that began operations in 1950 under the name of Blais et Frères enr. In the late 50s, Camille struck out on his own and formed his own company, Camille Blais. In the early 80s, his five sons entered the drilling business, forming Camille Blais & Fils Ltd. Camille Blais & Fils Ltd continued to branch out into various specialized types of drilling with the help of a number of family members and a staff of loyal employees.

Since then, the list of major drilling contracts completed by Camille Blais & Fils Ltd has continued to grow, including projects in Quebec, Canada, and even overseas. In 1999, Camille Blais & Fils Ltd took a major step by acquiring COVEX (1985) Inc., a Quebec company specializing in foundation piles, retaining walls, and quays. The merger of the two companies is closely linked to Camille Blais et Fils Ltd’s subsequent success, and the company now takes on every kind of drilling project, along with pile and sheet pile driving, Berlin walls, and much more.

Today, CBF has over fifty full-time staff as well as a number of part-time employees. They include third generation family members who will soon step in to ensure the continuity of the family business.